Galatians 6:2-10 ...Therefore , as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.
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We are excited that you have found this website! 
     The Christian PDR and Paint Guild -  is the product of an industry  vision given to me many years ago by another  Christian  technician.  This  concept was birthed out of a need to link Christians in our industry together to network and  promote the excellence of our craft  while furthering  the Gospel.  It is our collective desire to bring glory to God while doing this. As believers on Jesus we realize that we are not always perfect in our attitudes and  actions but our desire is to learn to walk out our salvation with a sincere love for God and one another. It is with this goal  in mind that the blessings of this guild will be walked out.  The word ” Christian” has been thrown around loosely in our American culture  often with negative effect. We will strive to live as Christians who follow God’s Word in our daily lives.

    We are living in the end times,  and it is imperative that we are shining the light of the Gospel everywhere and that we are linking together as believers for fellowship and encouragement.  That is how the vision here will be accomplished.  As Christians, we are called   to excellence in the marketplace. This guild will enable its’ members to stay abreast of cutting-edge tooling, techniques, and equipment.  Believers here will also be linked together nationwide for fellowship and to help one another in every aspect of our lives. One of the benefits of this guild is that we should be sharing extra work with one another as the need arises. The majority of my work comes from purposeful networking and business reciprocity of services. 

     This guild will be available to those in the automotive industry  such as PDR technicians, mobile painters, body shops, tool companies, supply houses, auto dealerships etc.  As Christians, we are to be doing good to all especially those of the household of faith. As we link together here I believe that blessings and opportunities will apprehend us and help to further the Gospel.  A list of technicians , tool companies, body shops and whoever else joins this guild will be listed here with contact info so that we can located each other and work together.

     This guild is not an official organization as such , but rather a brotherhood of Christians linking together for all the things listed above.  I believe that our country is quickly headed into troubled times and we as believers will need to hang together as never before. This guild will greatly help in regards to that also.
Being a part of this guild will require self -adherence  to some basic ideas listed below:  You need to…..

     Be a believer on Jesus Christ that is saved by grace through faith. Hence, as Acts states, a Christian. Conduct yourselves   according to the principles in God’s Word  found in the Bible. If you are sincerely walking with the Lord you will not be out committing sin  by getting drunk, hanging out in clubs, committing adultery or fornication, etc . These are things you were delivered from at the moment of salvation. Don’t go back and walk in them.

     Conduct yourselves and your business according to the laws of this land. If you are sincerely walking with the Lord you will not be out committing illegal acts such as substance abuse, fraud, gambling, cheating, theft etc. I should not have to spell this out either.

Spread the good news of the Gospel as you go.Do your best to patronize other Christian businesses and reciprocate work  with others here when possible.

     If you can commit to the principles and vision of this guild , I would like to talk to you briefly by phone  with the goal of adding you to this guild. You may contact us  here  or call me.

My cell # is 815-341-6519

Grace and Peace,
Tom Price